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It is a once-in-a-lifetime experience:

Using a comfortable yacht as a mobile base camp, moving each day to drop you on the shore of the fjords, exploring the mountains on skis

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During March, April and May you may enjoy a week of pleasure and adventure in Northern Norway. A comfortable 65 feet yacht, Arctic Light, welcomes a skipper, a Mountain Guide and 7 skiers in Tromso harbour.

This floating base camp, comfortable and efficient even when the sea is heavy, is equipped with all the required equipment: radars, fixed and mobiles radios, two GPS, generator, outboard motor, dinghy. "Paradise" will be your open sea hut, as it has been specially equipped for navigation in polar areas: central heating, cabins with 5 double berths, hot shower (to use in moderation as the stocks of fresh water are limited), 4 toilets, a wide kitchen-room / living room to relax after skiing. Regarded as a crew member, you will give a hand for life on board, being on watch and taking part in the manoeuvre, following the skipper's advice. You will also give a hand to prepare meals and to do the washing-up.

Norway, thanks to an excellent snow cover due to her northern latitude, and to a winter climate softened by the Gulf Stream, offers many good mountain ranges for classic ski touring, with nights in mountain huts. But, thanks to the multiplicity of fjords of her coasts, navigation is the fastest way to have access to the most beautiful slopes, avoiding any tiring travel. Sail and ski, or ski and sail, has been created in Norway around 15 years ago

Using a comfortable yacht as a mobile base camp, moving each day to drop you on the shore of an island or a fjord of Lyngen Alps, you will climb each day a different summit, where Sea and Snow join up, in the country of Trolls and northern lights. Imagine each day a 3000 feet descent with your tips skiing in North Atlantic. Ascending a side of the peak, and skiing down another side to meet there your yacht, which during your ski tour has sailed around the island or to another fjord to pick you up with its dinghy at the end of your descent. As these sites are rarely frequented by skiers, blank tracks descents are usual.

The atmosphere is fantastic, with sceneries where sea and snow flow into each other, offering some blissfully happy moments. Group of 7 or 8 skiers, with your Scottish/swiss mountain guide, expert of sail and ski in Norway.

Each morning, the yacht's dinghy will drop you on the shore of one of the thousands of islands or fjords of Norway’s coastline.

Ullstinden (1093 meters)

Blatinden (1142 meters)

Uloytinden (1114 meters)

Kjelvagtinden (1164 meters)

Storgalten (1219 meters)

Arnöya (1050 meters)

Stein-Fjellet (797 meters)

Björnskard (703 meters)

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