The ski lifts in Georgia are a mix of new and old, with new high-speed lifts being added each year.

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The slopes are groomed overnight to be ready for each new day, though the groomers often seem to miss a spot here and there.  The roads to the ski resorts leave something to be desired, but who goes to a ski resort to drive, anyways?!

Georgia’s terrain varies from the lower-elevation/higher-precipitation Lesser Caucasus in the southwest to the iconic Greater Caucasus ridge along the northern border with Russia. Thanks to their proximity to the Black Sea, the Lesser Caucasus’ receive the most regular snowfall, but their higher-elevation counterparts in the Greater Caucasus have longer seasons, more picturesque peaks, and attract more tourism.

From the top of the highest lift, a huge area on the backside of the mountain becomes accessible with a 2-30 minute walk. This area can only be skied by those with sufficient Unique microclimate of mountain resorts of Georgia (on the north – Big Caucasus Range, on the west and east - Black and Caspian Seas) condition frequent and heavy snowfalls frequent and heavy snowfalls in the period from December till the end of April. Heavy frost happens rarely – winter temperature rarely goes below 10 degrees below zero. In the year 90% of days are sunny.

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